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About Us

Our History

"College Wrap" is a division of South Coast Community Services (SCCS).  The "Wrap" part of our name refers to the "Wraparound" concept of providing services to people in need.  That is, we wrap services around our clients with a team-based approach to do what ever it takes to help you.


College Wrap is funded through The Department of Behavioral Health, County of San Bernardino, through the Mental Health Services Act. 

The following is taken from the SCCS website, because we are part of that family:

Our Mission Statement

Providing care, counsel, and coaching for children, teens, adults – and their families.


Our Principles and Values

  • Integrity: Truth and honesty above all things, at all times, at any cost.

  • Respect: We believe in treating all people with mutual respect and dignity at all times, in every way.

  • Nurturance: We strive to provide love, support, nurture, and empathy to all those we come into contact with every day.

  • Perseverance: The undying effort and dedication towards making a difference in the life of a child, a teen, or adult and their family by providing every possible opportunity for growth. 

  • Service: We work to support and improve the community in which we operate, for the benefit of ourselves and the community to which our graduates will return.


​South Coast 'isms

Among the serious and funny sayings you hear around here:

  • We are “the biggest Non-Profit you've never heard of”.

  • "The day we meet you is the day we begin working with you toward your successful discharge"

  • "It's all about the kids"

    • (Our driving passion, except that now we serve adults, too, and just as passionately)

  • "Welcome Home!"

    • (When employees return from vacations, or being off work sick.)

  • "Welcome to the Family"

    • (When new employees join SCCS.)

  • From a required leadership training:

    • Always tell the truth or tell them you can't tell them

    • Always say what you mean

    • Always do what you say you are going to do

    • Always give credit to your team for success; always take responsibility for your team

    • Do not delegate bad news up

    • Just do your best.  We will support you.

  • "An immovable wall is most loved when you need to lean against it"

    • (Encouraging managers to be consistent with their staff)

  • "How do you get somewhere fast?  Start a long time ago" 

    • (This is how we explain how our advanced tech infrastructure "suddenly" appeared.

  • "How do you manage employees?"

    • You serve them, empower them.​

  • "How do you hold employees accountable?"

    • "We cannot hold people accountable, we can only hold people 'to account.'” --Tom Foster -

  • "How do you lead employees?"

    • By example.  The leader always goes first.  The leader challenges employees, and themselves, to excellence.​

  • "Going around the tree..."

    • From our CEO:  "Our employees share a common desire to perform with excellence, but we're not robots.  We celebrate looking at challenges from different angles.  We may start off walking around a tree from a different direction, but our common goals always seem to bring us to the same destination."

  • When launching major projects our CEO likes to teach people how to eat an Elephant:

    •  "How do you eat an Elephant?" - Answer - "One bite at a time."

  • Some cool quotes you will hear from supervisors:

    • “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it again?” --Coach John Wooden

    • "Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect." --Coach Vince Lombardi

  • "When Abe Lincoln and I were in high school..."

    • (Our CEO's attempt at humor and making sure people pay attention during presentations.)

      • Fortunately, our CEO has decided to stick with his day job.